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Redefining your chemical supply chain

Online Resources for Managing Supply Chains

I recently sat down with my colleagues from the marketing and supply chain management departments to learn what free online resources they use on a daily basis to monitor chemical markets and discover new trends in supply chain management. Here are some of their favorites:


Chemical Markets


Supply Chain Management Trends

  • Supply Chain Management Review helps the supply chain management group discover new trends and gain insight to what people are talking about in supply chain management.
  • Used to identify transportation trends, the Logistics Management site is useful for monitoring regulatory changes, learning about capacity issues by mode and understanding the issues our carriers face. 
  • The Institute for Supply Management provides educational resources, such as case studies and publications, and holds conferences on supply chain management. Additionally, the organization provides certification in supply chain management.


Additional Resources

Doe & Ingalls also offers free whitepapers and webinars on supply chain topics that our customers are concerned about, such as assessing raw material risk, sourcing raw materials and others. 

What resources do you continually use to manage your supply chain? Share them in the comments section below, or shoot me an email, and I will add them to this post: jsimoneauATdoeingallsDOTcom.