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Signature Service Tenets - Part 1

This month, I'll have been a part of Doe & Ingalls’ Customer Service team for a year. Thinking back, I remember the feeling of just getting out of school and wondering what exactly I was going to do next. Doe & Ingalls at first glance seemed an odd fit – I majored in History and in Communication, and my last Chemistry class had been in high school. When interviewing, what really struck me was the culture of the company. I could tell that each person really believed in the company values and principles.


Brazil's dock disruptions impact on specialty chemicals

On February 22th, Brazil’s grain dock workers staged a six hour strike that disrupted the movement of commodities such as coffee, corn, sugar and soybeans.  The dock worker’s contract expires on March 15th, and the dock workers along with the government are in negotiations concerning new regulations and the privatization of ports. 


2012 Customer Satisfaction Results

2012 Doe & Ingalls Customer Satisfaction ResultsI am always so pleased to see the number of people who share their feedback with us on our annual customer satisfaction survey. We send out a fairly daunting survey, 35 to 39 questions long, including several open questions for comments. Yet this year, we had 149 people—a significant number in a specialized business like ours—take the plunge and complete it.


2013 Pricing Trends

With the close of the year-end pricing season, we thought it would be helpful to blog about a few trends that we saw this year as far as pricing is concerned. Overall, we saw an average price increase of 2-3% with a range being between 0 and 40%. The biggest influences for pricing on specialty chemicals are suppliers of the following raw materials:


Further Developments on the Longshoremen Strike

Just a couple of weeks after the LA/Long Beach strike brought the West Coast docks to a standstill, ports from Maine to Texas are now facing a possible walkout after Tuesday’s talks between shipping companies and Longshoremen broke down.



Strike at West Coast Ports

West Coast Port StrikeThere have been new developments with our shipping ports, but this time with the West Coast ports rather than the East and Gulf ports.



Ongoing risks that could impact us in 2013

As 2012 comes to close, I glanced at all the risks Doe & Ingalls has identified this year. Most have been resolved and officially closed, but two events remain open and are of concern as we go into 2013: the Longshoremen labor negotiations and Mississippi barge traffic.



Hurricane Sandy

As the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast continue to dig out from Hurricane Sandy, our hearts and thoughts go out to those who were in her path. There’s a lot of uncertainty right now as to when folks will get power restored or even be able to travel the roads. But while the path of Sandy was somewhat localized in the Mid-Atlantic, the impacts were felt well into the Midwest.


Year-end pricing update

As the year comes to an end, a substantial amount of our time is spent managing, requesting and analyzing 2013 pricing. From what I have seen, most of the increases have been minimal, ranging between 2 and 5%. This is due in large part by two factors: the price of crude and fertilizers.


Sampling service enters a new phase

I remember eleven years ago listening to John Hollenbach, our current VP and General Manager, describe the idea of developing an on-site raw material sampling service for our life science customers.  At the time, John was the Director of Sales and I was a newly hired Marketing Services Manager.  We envisioned a program that would address customers’ space and related resource constraints. Material would be sampled and stored at the D&I warehouse during the QA approval process. Once approved, the material would be delivered as needed to support production.