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Doe & Ingalls' Next Chapter

John HollenbachI am so excited to announce to our customers, suppliers and all of our readers that today, Doe & Ingalls has been acquired by Thermo Fisher Scientific. I see so many positive things about what is to come and one of the reasons is that our businesses are highly complementary. Many of you recognize Thermo Fisher Scientific and its leadership in serving research and development. Combining that with our strength in and focus on serving production customers will benefit our customers and suppliers.

Many things will stay the same as we integrate into the Thermo Fisher Scientific family. All of the Doe & Ingalls team will continue performing their same roles and offering our customers the same standard of service excellence that they have come to expect—and require—in managing complex supply chains. We will continue serving customers out of our regional service centers and we will continue to operate as a strategic business unit headquartered in Durham, NC. And for those wondering, you will still be stuck with me as the leader of Doe & Ingalls.

What will change is the level of resources and support we will have by working with a global industry leader. Thermo Fisher Scientific, with Doe & Ingalls, shares a commitment to customer-driven innovation. We intend to continue investing in services that address the complex supply chain needs of production customers. We will also be looking at expanding both domestically and abroad.

I am so thankful for my team of Doe & Ingalls employees, who I consider family, and to our customers and suppliers, who constantly push us to deliver and continue to raise our expectations of service excellence. I’d also like to recognize the Doe & Ingalls board for its leadership and support of our vision.

So let’s keep going, continuing to solve problems and creating supply chain solutions. Let’s keep working together to understand the challenges we face in the production supply chain and to challenge each other to be more efficient and creative in resolving demands from the market. I am excited about this next step in the evolution of our company.